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Thermocouples for Furnace Crown

It is well known that Glass Melting Furnace includes a melting chamber in which solid batch materials are heated to produce molten glass. The arch of this melting chamber is known as crown. To measure and control the temperature of furnace crown is important, because with the correct temperatures one can improve the service life of crown, as the overheating of the crown may cause of early erosion of crown refractory and the other side if the temperatures are low, it can affect the melting efficiency and will increase the fuel consumption. The highest temperature in melting furnace is at crown. To select the right materials and assembly is quit important as the temperature at crown is even more than 1600C. The design we recommend is with dual protection sheaths. In most of the furnace thermocouples are placed in block pockets, but over a period of service it may get through hole. At crown there are number of points to measure in center, Right & Left, the same kind of assemblies can be used for Regenerator Crown as well.
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Thermocouples for Furnace Crown   Thermocouples for Furnace Crown   Thermocouples for Furnace Crown
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